A Monogrammed T-shirt with a Chevron Pocket

Monogrammed Tshirt with Chevron Pocket | Amy Giggles Designs

Happy 2013! I hope the year has gotten off on a great start for all of you!  I am excited to share my first tutorial of the year! I know you will love it as these shirts are very popular!  I actually began this project last year, but I just now got around to finishing it!  I did not have my own embroidery machine at the time, so I had to get the monogram finished by a friend, but I can now do it myself!


Grey and White Small Chevron Fabric

Black T-shirt

Embroidery Machine (or a great friend with one)

Pocket Pattern

Kids Sized Pocket Pattern

Tshirt Pocket Pattern


Step 1: Pre-wash your t-shirt and chevron fabric.

Step 2: Draw the pocket shape on the wrong side of the chevron fabric.

Step 3: Decide which color you want your monogram and embroider your initials in the center of the pocket.

Chevron Monogrammed Shirt 1

Step 4: Serge the edge of the pocket shape.

Step 5: Fold and iron the pocket shape into place.

Chevron Monogrammed Shirt 2

Chevron Monogrammed Shirt 3

Step 6: Sew the top seam of the pocket, with a 1″ seam allowance.

Chevron Monogrammed Shirt 4

Step 7: Pin the pocket to the desired location of the t-shirt.

Chevron Monogrammed Shirt 5

Step 8: Sew the pocket on the shirt, but make sure you do not sew the pocket shut! I did two seams for reinforcement and because I like the look of it!

Chevron Monogrammed Shirt 6

Here is the finished shirt! I just love how it turned out!

Chevron Monogrammed Shirt

Chevron Monogrammed Pocket Shirt

I also made one for myself with a pink monogram!

Chevron Monogrammed Shirt 7

Update: I am selling these shirts over in my Etsy shop if you love them but don’t want to make it yourself!

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  1. Very cute!

  2. Debbie Perkins says:

    Hi. Great instructions. A friend and I have done a bunch of these, for my daughter, and her grandkids. I used a lightweight cotton and lined them, she has the big embroidery machine, I do the sewing. About the same amount of time, but we think that they look nicer. A friend bought one at an upscale boutique. She said that it started raveling the first time that she washed it, I would have been ticked!! Thanks again for the info and you have a great site. I printed the pocket pattern to compare with mine. (Which I traced off of an old tshirt.) Sincerely, Debbie Perkins, Chatom, Alabama

  3. Do you have a pocket pattern that is not so big, for children?

  4. Wanda McCoy says:

    Amy, Your directions were great! I have been looking for some directions and my daughter found you. I have a couple of questions. First, do you monogram your letters first and then cut out the pocket? Second, what size hoop do you use for this project? Finally, how far down do you go to postion the pocket on shirt?

    Thanks for your help! I am new at this!


  5. Great tutorial! I’ve been wanting to make some of these. Where did you get your small chevron fabric. I seem to only see the larger print at my local stores. Yours also looks like a lighter weight than the upholstery weight fabric that I have been seeing. Thanks!

  6. Carolyn says:

    Hi Amy what is the name of the font that you use to do the monograming

    thanks, Carolyn

  7. alexis carpenter says:

    hi amy! im only 14 and everyone at my school has a monogrammed pocket tee. ive looked around but they are just way too expensive. Your instructions were great now i can finally have that perfect pocket tee that i have been looking for. At a low price at that(:

  8. I just read your post for monogram pockets. I have some fabulous machine embroidery applique pockets.
    These are the real pocket, not a faux pocket, for embroidery machines.
    You can use these for monograms too- many sizes!

    The pocket is a ‘cut in place’ applique, all done in the hoop!

    Thank you,

    EdiesDesigns @ Etsy

  9. Hi Amy! This is tutorial is great and super easy to follow along with! I plan on making plenty of these shirts but before I go out and buy fabric, I was wondering if the chevron fabric was 100% cotton? I know you prewashed it but I don’t know if that was to prevent further shrinking or just to simply wash it.

    Thank you so much!!

  10. Mallory says:

    Hi, Amy! What kind of embroidery machine do you use?

  11. Hi Amy!

    I am a newb to embroidery I have a Brother sewing machine and I am searching for monogramming software, what software do you use?

    • Brenda,
      I use Embird embroidery software. I also have an old PE-150 Brother embroidery machine that I purchased from walmart YEARS ago…but she’s still a -tickin’!!

      Thanks for the great tutorial!

  12. do you have the measurements for the placement of the pocket. Thanks love the pattern for the pocket.

  13. Barbara Davey says:

    I made a chevron pocket, it turned it great . Not sure what font or size yours was. Do you mind sharing that information.
    Thank you,
    Barbara Davey

  14. Hello Amy, I tried to use your pattern but it is WAY too large, the printed version appears to be the size for a giant, perhaps I printed it wrong but instead of cutting on the cut on this line, I will have to cut on the fold ton this line.

  15. I love this tutorial but I have a question that I hope you can answer. You mention using your embroidery machine…. Are you using it to sew the pocket on the shirt??? I have a Brother pro 1000 ten needle. How would I sew the pocket on?? Or do you use a conventional sewing machine for the pocket??

    Please let me know. I am dying to learn how to do this.

    thank you, Tina

  16. A blessing sent! My granddaughters have been driving me nuts wanting me to put pockets on their T’s and tanks with their initials embroidered on. Thanks so much for the pattern and tutorial. I’m now motivated! They are thankful!!!!

  17. Jan Moore says:

    I’m new to monogram and I have done several Chevron pockets. I’m having problems with puckering around the letters.
    *using polyester material
    *use med. stabilizer – cut away – spray fabric – do not hoop ( I have hoop and not hoop)
    * base around monogram design
    * iron on low heat
    How do you get your pocket looking so good. Could you do a step by step instructions on monogramming a chevron pocket – start to Finish
    Thank you

  18. Stevemizu says:

    Amy, you have any tips on how to embroider designs on the pocket of shirts (the shirt has a preexisting pocket – pocket tee shirt). Was wondering how to embroider on the pocket with a machine without stitching the pocket shut.

  19. Wanda McCoy says:

    Amy, Your directions were great! I have been looking for some directions and my daughter found you. I have a couple of questions. First, do you monogram your letters first and then cut out the pocket? Second, what size hoop do you use for this project? Finally, how far down do you go to postion the pocket on shirt?

    Thanks for your help! I am new at this!


  20. Hi Wanda! I like to monogram first and then cut the pocket to ensure that the letters will be in the center of the pocket. My embroidery machine will only embroider up to 4″ so I have a 4″ hoop. I have a 3.5″ monogram font. Honestly, I just eyeball the pocket, but generally the pocket is about 5″-6″ down from the shoulder seam. I hope this helps!


  21. Amy, I enjoyed the tut and reading thru the comments. Sorry if I overlooked it but am wondering what kind of embroidery machine you have? Also, what monogram software do you have? I just ordered the brother pe500 from Amazon & am excited to get it going—I won’t be stitching out the little picture designs, my only interest is monogramming, so curious to know what software you like? thank you so much!!


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