Classy Bedroom Inspiration Board

classy bedroom inspiration board

I am in the process of redecorating my room. It is time for a change. This is the space I spend most of my time in when I am at home. I have loved the brown/white bedding with the bright flower sheets but I want something that is a little more classy now that I am older. Also, I am ready to not sleep on a twin sized mattress! This is a glimse of … [Read more...]

New Beginnings in 2014 {my word of the year}


Today is the first day of a new semester but we have a snow day due to freezing temperatures! I want to update my readers on some things... As I start out 2014, I am hopeful for what the year has in store. 2013 turned out to be not so great of a year (although it was awesome for every one of us Louisville fans out there). I began this blog as a … [Read more...]

Top 10 of 2013!

top ten posts of 2013

I love seeing which posts got the most buzz each year and there was no doubt I knew which would be the number one spot for this year. There was a lot of growth on my blog in 2013 and I am so thankful for the people who helped make that possible. I am glad that I began making more projects for myself, including some handmade apparel. I also loved … [Read more...]

Christmas Hair Bows {small gift idea}

Christmas Hair Bow

In the past, I have made each of my dance classes hair bows to wear in their Christmas dances at local nursing homes. As my girls are getting older, I am finding new ideas of things to make them for Christmas gifts. I did have one younger class that I could still made hair bows for this year. We got them red and white polka dot petti skirts … [Read more...]

Monogrammed Christmas T-shirts

Christmas Shirts

I like to make my girls at dance fun gifts each year for Christmas and as they get older, it gets a little harder. I used to make each class hair bows, but I only did that for my youngest group this year. Since my monogram shirts and sweatshirts are so popular, I thought I would make one of my classes some! I decided to make them red long sleeved … [Read more...]

Knit Seafarer Top

Knit Seafarrer Top

I made this knit Seafarer Top over a month ago but never could get around to photographing it. I got the navy stripe fabric from Girl Charlee and the cute sailboat pocket fabric is Sarah Jane. This is definitely more of a summer and nautical top, but I had to pair the little sailboat with the navy stripes. I'll just have to save it to wear next … [Read more...]

Gift Guide for Her

Gift Guide

With Thanksgiving and Black Friday this week, the Holidays are quickly approaching us! I'll be honest, I haven't done any shopping at all this year. I haven't quite gotten that far. I want to share a fun gift guide of things I love this season and you might too! There are some great phone accessories and festive mugs on this list! As you can see, … [Read more...]

Compass Lyrics


So the past couple of weeks have been really hard for me. Nothing has been quite right. And because of this, there wasn't really any creativity happening. This has been the longest I have not posted anything on my here since I began writing it two years ago. And it felt really weird. I barely choreographed anything for my dance classes and I hardly … [Read more...]

Monogrammed Madness

Monogrammed Madness

  I love anything and everything monogrammed! In fact I have been putting my monogram on so many of my clothes ever since I got my embroidery machine last Christmas. I did not realize all of the potential I had with the machine, but people are really loving the sweatshirts, shirts, and other personalized items that I have been making! I … [Read more...]

A Day in NuLu

Nulu Scenery

This post first appeared on Team Wiking. I met Jessica through Alt for Everyone and I am thrilled to be collaborating with her! Jessica has an amazing blog in which she shares her family adventures and stories through photographs. We are also talking about her do a fun DIY for my blog as well! I live in Louisville, Kentucky and are so many great … [Read more...]