Ballerina Little Geranium Dress

Macy Dress 3 |

I love that my friends are all having baby girls because I get to make them cute baby dresses. I made this one for a friend that I grew up dancing with. I had this ballerina fabric so I knew I wanted to use it for her baby girl. I used this free pattern for the little geranium dress by Made by Rae. It was pretty easy to follow and turned out great. … [Read more...]

Rose Sugar Cookies

Rose Cookies 2 |

This year at my dance studio, we performed Beauty and the Beast so I wanted to give my students something rose related as an end of the year gift. I thought rose cupcakes would be easy, but I am more of a cookie person so I thought I'd try to pipe roses on cookies. These would also be great for a Kentucky Derby event! I love to bake, but a lot … [Read more...]

Baby Girl Dresses

Monogrammed Onesie |

I am happy to be back here posting some things I made a few months ago! One of my close friends just had her precious baby girl! For her shower, I knew I wanted to make her some handmade outfits. This was so fun to do because I do not normally get to make baby clothes. And everything is just cuter when it is mini! I made a pink seersucker … [Read more...]

Starter Stories

Classy Room Reveal 8 |

Today I am participating in a fun series called Starter Stories, for the new real estate service, Compass. They work to connect people in New York City and Washington D.C. to the perfect neighborhood that matches their personalities. This is great that they think about the lifestyle and personalities of people when finding them an apartment. Since … [Read more...]

Block of the Month Quilt

Block of the Month Quilt 4 |

Two years later, I have finished my Riley Blake Block of the Month quilt. They released 9 different blocks, one each month and it was my intention to keeping up with the project. I had just finished my very first quilting class so I thought it was the perfect time to keep up my skills. However, I have a hard time keeping up with things like that. … [Read more...]

Handmade Computer Case

Computer Case 4 |

You may have seen my new computer case in my last post, but I am sharing all the details about it today. I have to take my computer to school everyday so I want it to be protected. I like not using the hard case on it so I needed a padded computer case. My old backpack had a slot for it but when it started to get too worn down, I switched to … [Read more...]

My Cozy Day Must Haves

Cozy Mug |

I love the warm summer months where I can spend as much time as I want outside. The days are longer and it seems as if my friends and I have a lot more going on.  During the winter, I am spending a lot more time at home indoors. However, these days have turned into some of my favorite, especially when I have all of my cozy day must haves! I really … [Read more...]

New Year, New Projects

52 Illustrations |

I know I am late to the game, but I did want to talk about my 2014, as it was probably the best year of my life yet. It may have started rough, but it was turned around so quick. I traveled to so many new places and loved every minute of it. I flew by myself for the first time and then did it a second time. I crossed off a lot of things on my … [Read more...]

Handmade Books

Book Binding 4 |

Another fun project I got to make this semester at my internship, was bounded hardback books. We spent one day making decorated papers which we then used for the covers. I actually bought the fleur de lis paper in Italy this summer and was excited to turn it into a book. All of the other papers, I made there. Bookbinding is something I have … [Read more...]

Letterpress Note Cards

Personalized Letterpress Notecards 3 |

This semester I have had an awesome opportunity doing an internship at a letterpress studio, learning all of the in's and out's of the traditional style of printing. Towards the end of the semester, I was assigned to come up with a simple project of my own. Since I love hand lettering and calligraphy, I knew what I wanted to do. I began with a … [Read more...]